PAS Workforce provides single-source national staffing solutions for IT and professional positions, including contract, contract-to-hire and direct hire placement.

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What we do

PAS Workforce is the vendor-of-choice for VMS & MSP programs, supporting client’s contingent staffing needs through our efficient recruiting model specifically designed for Fortune 1000 cross-vertical recruitment, providing exceptional talent nationwide so that clients, consultants and PAS Workforce achieve outstanding success.

We provide single-source solutions for technical and professional positions, including contract, contract-to-hire and direct hire placement.

Our Recruiting Teams

Our IT Staffing team places managerial and mid-level technical professionals to support the software development lifecycle, infrastructure and operations, and mission critical business systems.

Our Professional Staffing team places office support staff, with capabilities extending to key corporate positions in sales, marketing, HR, accounting and finance.

Together, we have a proven track record of supporting high-growth, high-volume and complex recruiting environments. Our unique VMS delivery model and keen ability to make spot-on matches addresses key corporate business drives:


We do not waste your time or overwhelm the system with unqualified submittals.


Our market connections allow you to ramp up quickly in response to rising demand.


We operate under a philosophy of “Quality or No One.” When it comes to our clients’ success, we will not compromise.


With a 24/7 mentality tailor-made for VMS models, we move quickly to access the talent you need.

We are exceedingly comfortable with the rigor and speed typical of VMS environments, and our internal processes are mapped accordingly to improve quality, minimize risk, and achieve full compliance.